Saturday, November 15, 2008

Menu Plan for 11.16- 11.22.08: The Potluck Continues.

Our friends have greatly blessed us over the past two weeks with many delicious meals. As a result, my freezer is still full of what I bought before Samuel was born (October 21, 2008) and now it is stuffed with leftovers.

It was like having a church potluck in my own house. And I didn't have to share!

So we will be eating the following this week (in no particular order).
*Beef stew (I'll add biscuits).
*Pasta and sauce (we ended up with 3 variations so I've got some with sausage, some with hamburger, and some homemade meatballs/sauce from an Italian family secret recipe).
*Chicken and Rice (2 different versions).
*Chicken Pot Pie.

On Friday we will order some pizzas for a party with our friends who are visiting from out of state.

This will be my 5th week without really having to cook. It's a good gig when you can get it!!

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