Tuesday, February 19, 2008

7 weird things about me related to food.

I was tagged by Billie at Embracing the Journey to my Daughter to do a post about 7 strange things about me. Since I did this meme on my other blog a while back I thought it would be fun to do it here - about food stuff.

1. I can make a meal out of dill pickle slices (think hamburger dills) and saltine crackers. It's sort of like a pickle appetizer. And this is when I'm NOT pregnant.

2. The smell of eggs and cheese cooking together makes me want to vomit. Again, even when I'm not pregnant. Needless to say, I don't cook quiche, strata, or omelets. As a result, my husband's specialty is scrambled eggs with cheese and omelets. I always find something else to eat!

3. While on the subject of eggs, I enjoy boiled eggs with a salt shaker on the side, deviled eggs, and about once-a-month scrambled eggs (no cheese! but lots of salt and pepper).

4. I can't stand coffee. I've tried it every conceivable way and it's just nasty tasting to me.

5. I always order the same thing at a restaurant: Chili's - chicken strips, On the Border - club quesidillas, Olive Garden - chicken parmigiana. You get the idea.

6. I love a beefsteak tomato sliced thin and doused with salt. YUM!

7. I make potato salad from mashed potatoes. I grew up with it this way so I don't think it's weird but everyone else seems to think so.

In looking back over this list it appears that I have a salt problem. = ) I really don't use salt that much. But on certain things I want a lot of it.


  1. While I did know that you don't like eggs and cheese I didn't know that you like scrambled eggs at all! I believe I noticed scrambled eggs on one of your monthly meal plans and was confused! :) Now it makes perfect sense! Hum...never tried saltines and pickles! Did you grow up with that, too?

  2. The fact that many things here grossed me out gets into MY food weirdness, not yours. However, I HATE coffee as well, and while I've heard some people say they don't drink it much I have yet to hear someone say they hate it. I don't remember you hating coffee, and you think that topic would come up in colllege. I also order the same thing at restaurants. In fact, I crave the food first, and then know which restaurant I want to eat it at. Fun list!


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